Top 3 parks in Bridgeview, IL

Top 3 parks in Bridgeview, IL

As per the 2010 evaluation, Bridgeview has an absolute territory of 4.15 square miles (10.75 km2), all land.

The town has a generally rectangular shape; its boundaries running north and south lurch between 8300 West and 6800 West, yet can for the most part be characterized as between Roberts Road and Harlem Avenue. The southern boundary of the town is 103rd Street between 76th Avenue and Harlem. The northern boundary is lurched between 6700 South on the west side of the rail tracks and 6900 South on the east side of the rail tracks.

Bridgeview Park District

Located at 8100 S. Beloit Ave. Bridgeview, IL 60455. Is a fantastic park for people who love nature and want to enjoy the area and the trees and flowers.

Commission Park

Located at  81st & Oketo, Commission Park laps about 2.9 laps – 1 mile that the locals love to come here to just enjoy the view and workout and get to run.

Fedor Park

Located in 7251 S. The laps about 4.4 laps – 1 mile is another very famous park in the area that many people who love around it enjoy very much and always work out there every time they get a chance!

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